Graduate Credit

for GRAD credit this year:
To receive College Credit, please complete our online Enrollment Form BY OCTOBER 1, 2016, so we may register you for the class. The direct link is: Choose the FIRST OPTION to be taken to the correct form.

Please use the following information in the indicated section. Other sections should be self-explanatory.
1. Class Location = UNI
Dates = 8/27/16-04/22/17

7. Class Nbr =
for GRADUATE Credit use 85872;
for UNDERGRADUATE Credit use 85871
Title = Elem Gen Music Curric Dev
Hours Credit = 1

8. Indicate Graduate or Undergraduate credit

10. List your previous degree information if requesting Graduate Credit

16. Clink “I AGREE” to submit your Enrollment Form. You will receive an automated reply saying it has been submitted. I will then process your registration.

If you have any questions or problems with this process please feel free to contact Carolina Wilson by email <> or phone [319-273-2121].

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